Science lesson

Good morning



Today, I want you to learn about something called “Biomimicry”


Biomimicry Examples

Nature’s Wisdom: 9 Brilliant Examples of Biomimicry in Design

17 Examples Of Biomimicry Designs That Copy The Genius Of Nature

I once saw a product that was being tested for bullet proof armor called dragon skin. Apparently the design was rejected because it wasn’t able to keep stopping rifle rounds. It would stop a few, but the material holding it all together would fail after repeated rounds. Still, the idea is solid. I wonder what else it could be used for?

So after reviewing all of the above, please write an essay on biomimcry. Use the following link as the way to format your essays from now on:

Here’s where we’re going with this. Let’s look at major global problems:

Pick a couple of different challenges (you and I both will work on this project). Let’s really study the challenge, then let’s look to nature to help with a solution.

Let’s work to come up with a solution. If you solve a billion people’s problem, you become a billionaire!





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