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Good morning, lets chat about philosophy and thinking deeply

But first,

Visit the following daily. Your aim is to at the very least, read a section a day and learn something new. When something sparks your interest, message me and we’ll go deeper into it:

When it comes to learning philosophy, or anything for that matter, we need to to be able to think deeply about something.

Let’s start with critical thinking. Play some of the following games:

Free Brain Games

Then, we need to ask better questions:

How to Ask (Better Homeschool Questions) Like Socrates {video}


There are more steps, and we’ll get to them later. For now, after reviewing the above, go to the following site:

Pick one subject of the list and apply critical thinking to it. Ask questions about it. So for example (do this): Write the sentence on paper. Then pretending as if you  are an investigative reporter, create a list of questions to ask the “expert” of that sentence. How many questions can you come up with?

Finish up with a few units in your math workbooks





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