After watching the above video clip, pick a project you would like to make. Or if you are inspired to make something like what you saw, then do that. Gather a project list and give to me. I’ll get the materials and you will be making it this week.

Extra points for you if you make something that solves a problem, is helpful or practical.

Regarding the 1929 Stock market crash:

What caused the Wall Street Crash of 1929?

Let’s look at important events in US history. We’re going to study the ‘Manhattan Project.’




Based on the reading above, and your own research, please write an essay on the Manhattan Project. What did you learn? Is it goo bad or indifferent? Did it actually solve anything?

Now let’s look at it from a critical thinking perspective:
Look at the following sites with questions. Pick 3-5 questions that spark an interest (pun intended). Then have discussion with me when I get home:





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