Good morning,

last week on a lesson I sent a link to you with different programming sites you can learn from.

Pick one of them and start working on a project. What i would like you to work on though, is a practical project. So, you made a game for the first one. Now make something that is useful.

So for example, on the following is a game, for gardening. However, what if  you made something like that, but as each plant grew, it released a trivia, or reminder, etc…


I would like to discuss the project with you, so get started coming up with an idea and text me.

Another site I found:

Read the story of the Gordion knot:

Cutting the Gordian Knot

Based on  those two readings, write an essay on the gordion knot and what it means to you. Don’t write the essay today. THink about it and ponder what you have read. Then write it.


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