Today we will work on some science/biology. Just different ones. We have biology here in the west that teaches about our body. However, in Asia, there is a body that is taught there. The energy body. Modern science is moving towards validation with measurements of this body



Ok, take a few minutes and start shaking, as you do, visualize your skeleton:

After at least 5 minutes, and bonus points for more, sit down for quiet meditation. Breath deeply for 5 minutes.

Then when you are finished, do 1-3 repetitions of the 6 healing sounds:


In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ is thought to “house” certain emotions. They have a positive and negative emotion associated with them. By doing these sounds daily, you blance the emotions in them.

For example, when angry, I will make the sound and can feel the anger go away.


After the above, work on the coding project and guitar practice.


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