ok, lets get into philosophy, learning, and the mind.


As we get into more complex material (and anytime when learning), do the following technique:

Now, with the above, do  “pretend class” (Instead of writing out the explanation. bonus points for teaching Tara) and speak outloud. This is more effective than writing it out.

Now, apply that technique to learn about:

Read through the first 3 sections below. As soon as finished, apply the technique. While reading, make sure to read several times, look up words etc…

Next, click on the following link. It’s to a debate forum. Begin to read the main question, and then each others response. At the end, write a brief paragraph on what your answer is to the question. Show this to me:


We will read one of these each day. You will then create an account and either pose a question and/or engage in online debate. I’ll go over this more later. For now, begin to analyze how each person interacts.




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